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Build BPS Meeting (Edwards) - Shared screen with speaker view
Amina Burgess
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Vy Le (Vietnamese)
Kinh Chao Qui Vi, toi ten la (Vy) toi se la thong dich vien cua qui vi. Xin qui vi nhin vao man hinh roi bam vao do roi tim kiem (Tieng Viet) de nghe duoc thong dich vien. Cam on nhieu
ASL Interpreter: Nicole
All interpreters are introducing themselves in their languages one by one. ASL interpretation will be provided and I will be pinned.
HueLinh Tang
Hi, Please accept Misha Blood and Eileen Schreyer because they are waiting for the host to accept them
Camilla Jamal (Somali)
Habeen wanagsan qofwalba oo somali ku hadli ku soo dhowaada caawa hadad rabtan inad dhagaysatan shirkan wAxad iga heli kartan globolka somaliga halkaas ka dooro ku dhufo markad aragto somali soo dhowaada
Emilys Peña | she l her l ella |
Please turn on close captions — thank you.
Charlie Kim
Pls turn on live transcript feature.
Dennisse Rorie
It is on. Please be patient with us we are moving as quick as we can :)
Laryssa Doherty (she/her/hers)
Thanks, Dr. C! #teamwork
Ricardo Patron
Hi everyone, Ricardo here from Councilor Edwards' office. The councilor is on tonight and this is an important issue for her. We are looking forward to the presentation and your feedback. If anyone has any questions for our office we can be reached at 617-635-3200. The councilor's email is Lydia.edwards@boston.gov and her chief of staff Gabriela can be reached at gabriela.coletta@boston.gov. I can be reached at Ricardo.patron@boston.gov.
Alba Cruz-Davis
Councilor Edwards is her. This issue is important for her. Please feel free to connect with her office directly @ 617-635-3200. The councilor's email is Lydia.edwards@boston.gov
Alba Cruz-Davis
How would you like to see us use the building? What physical attributes would you like to see in the building?What programs and activities do you want the space to accommodate?
a kennedy slesar
AS a parent of 3 previous WP children, I think having a designated art space and a gymnasium is of utmost importance
Adamonis, Becky
I think a hot kitchen, air conditioning, functioning windows, designated spaces for each elective, gym, lots of outdoor space
Michael Sayer
^^^^^ +1 on Becky’s comment
Adamonis, Becky
also top of line technology in every room
Mildred’s iPad
Sensory room and prayer/quiet space for those who are Muslim /Islam and pray
Adamonis, Becky
and it goes without saying that working bathrooms, clean water, no leaking roof
Bruce Kiernan
What schools need is well established, and includes all the things mentioned here. How and when we get there is what we should be discussing.
Erica Haydock
BPS doesn't own the parking lot, the city of boston does
Yes Collierfamily
Litchock-Morellato, Faith
Agreed @Collier family!
Mrs. O'Shea (she/her)
I think I was next. :)
Thank you Collier Family!
BCH Patient
The city of Boston owns the parking lot, not Boston Public Schools. There are a few articles in the Charlestown Bridge about this
Adamonis, Becky
Great question Erica, if we are being told that WP or HK will expand to that space I hope principals and school community get buy into that plan.
As a neighbor to the building, I want to be sure the school will be kept as a school and serve the educational needs of Charlestown
a kennedy slesar
My 21 year old daughter went to the Horace Mann for K1 and my son was a language model as a K1 student there. The Horace Mann is a wondrful school
Leave your campaign poster behind
a kennedy slesar
and I support the idea of including them at the Edwards School.
Rebecca McVey
Much love from HMS to K and your family! :)
Michael Sayer
And that BH Community is extremely diverse fwiw
Brenda Cassellius
I am sorry I have to sign off. My team is here and can answer all your questions. This is the start of our engagement process and we look forward to continuing this conversation on how we can strengthen K0-12 pathways of high quality schools in every neighborhood that serve all students …with all background, experiences and abilities —Thank you for coming tonight
Adamonis, Becky
I agree with JLT-the most important thing is to keep students in that building and not let it sit empty. It should be serving students
Martha O'Brien
Horace Mann has a Parent Infant Program (ages 0-3) and Early Childhood Program. We could provide resources and perhaps collaborate with ECC programs beginning at the Edwards if we could share the space. We would not be just taking up space, but would show appreciation for allowing us to use the swing space in many ways. There is so much we would contribute to the Charlestown Community.
kaleigh’s iPhone
My family is from Corey st. My daughter attends Horace Mann, both communities align with dedication to their community. I hope we can talk more together about collaborating for the needs of the children.
Why should it be difficult to use this building to meet the needs of the Horace Mann community and more educational opportunities in Charlestown. Use your imagination
kaleigh’s iPhone
Thank you JLT
Roxi Harvey
^ Exactly JLT!
kaleigh’s iPhone
I still have family with children in Charlestown so I identify as being invested in both communities
HMS | Hannah Malzadeh (she | her | hers)
Thank you JLT! Let’s collaborate !
Edith Bazile
Thank You Marcie!!!!
HMS Deaf - Megan Malzkuhn (she/her)
From the site tours, Edwards building seem to be most spacious and capable of holding two schools. HMS is currently seeing a growth in our early childhood program. Our needs will be universal for all, especially for K0-K1 programming. If HMS is granted the swing space, it will not delay the Charlestown early childhood expansion. In fact, it will support the expansion. Our needs and “voices” were largely ignored and set aside for a long time.
HMS | Hannah Malzadeh (she | her | hers)
Thank you Marcie!
Jayme Rivas Robertson
Thank you, Marcie.
Debbie Costello
I absolutely support the Horace Mann community.
kaleigh’s iPhone
Edwards was the only swing space I’m aware of that was appropriate among the brainstorming of possible swing spaces
kaleigh’s iPhone
Thank you for your support Charlestown
HMS Deaf - Megan Malzkuhn (she/her)
Thank you for your support!
All due respect to the needs of Horace Mann but we need to use Edwards building for Charlestown community
Mildred’s iPad
So does the community propose and agree the need for shared space in Charlestown
kaleigh’s iPhone
I agree Ipad user, and I would like the opportunity to have a separate forum for what meeting everyone’s needs could look like, stronger together
HMS Deaf - Megan Malzkuhn (she/her)
HMS also have Charlestown students. HMS actually serves entire Boston area’s Deaf and hard of hearing students. We are in a unique position where our community isn’t limited to a neighborhood.
kaleigh’s iPhone
I would like to respectfully point out that body language during HMS speakers is noticed and eye rolling could be perceived as inconsiderate Mr.Kuder, thank you
Chelsea Hammond (she/her)
Thank you, Mary!!!
Mildred’s iPad
This is about the deaf and HoH community throughout Boston
Michelle Wu (she/her)
Good evening, everyone. I'm here to listen. Thank you!
HMS-Jiyoung Jou
I agree with Kaleigh’s comment. It was noticed. Please be considerate and mindful. Thank you.
Ruby Reyes
Has the MSBA proposal for the Horace Mann been completed? I'm confused about what was said early by Nate Kuder who said there was a proposal for a new building? Is there a proposal or not?
Megan Costello
Yes, the proposal has gone through the process to be submitted. It was voted on by the city council and the school committee.
Nathan Kuder
The Statement of Interest, which is the first part of the MSBA process, is due 6/25. The School Committee and City Council have both voted (unanimously) to support the project and we will file the submission.
Mildred’s iPad
So short term, six years or less to house and support Horace Mann with a new building on the horizon..
Ruby Reyes
Will the MSBA plan submitted including the swing space be shared with this community, because of the impact of how this process has been mismanaged by BPS?
Emilys Peña | she l her l ella |
To be clear there is no viable option for HMS, when Mr. Kuder says that “BPS is woking on a plan for HMS” it is misleading and could be interpreted as if HMS has options. The HMS community have not been given any viable options and continues to be in a condemned building.
Stephanie Guadagno
Sorry- i am unmuted but cant be heard. What is the timeline for this project to convert the space?
Stephanie Guadagno
Space and capacity long-standing issues
Mildred’s iPad
I would never have sent my child if I knew that is a condemned building
Mildred’s iPad
I am blown away
Mildred’s iPad
For parents with children without disabilities...imagine this one CONDEMNED school is your best option for your precious baby
Ruby Reyes
I want to point out the Jackson Mann and Horace Mann schools were left out of Build BPS plan initially, it was not until they were considered an emergency that they made the list
Megan Costello
BPS Community Engagement
HMS Deaf - Megan Malzkuhn (she/her)
Yes, Ruby. Thanks
Janna's iPhone
I’m open to ALL possibilities for the edwards building, but I didn’t even know about the situation at the HMS until tonight. I thought this call was to talk about Charlestown specifically using the Edwards school building, so feel like the topic of this call has been hijacked! If they want the space too, wish we would have been informed.