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ESSER BPS Partners Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Dennisse Rorie
How might partners support these efforts even more than ever? How might partners support greater equity among our schools? How might partners support sustainability?
Eva Mitchell
Toni Wiley, Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center
We heard from parents that some students who learn differently actually did better in the offsite learning pods than they did in the classroom or at home. Might we support the continuation of learning pods for students referred by their schools?
Margaret Farmer
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Toni Wiley, Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center
Sportsmen's converted our after school space to daytime learning, which we could continue with funding and the appropriate permission/accommodations.
Meg Stone (she/her)
Since the pandemic brought increases in violence-- hate crimes, aggravated assault, intimate partner violence -- might the community partnerships be used to enhance violence prevention programming? Specifically scaling up violence prevention programs that are working well at some schools?
George (Chip) Greenidge
Mike is exactly right!
Ali Ricketson | YMCA Boston
It would be wonderful if partners could be apart of or have their own version of PD (led by BPS) regarding the literacy expectations and alignment to ensure we're best meeting student needs
Dejon Rice, Boston's Bridge To Excellence
Great Idea Ali!
Lauren M she/her Boston Beyond
Some of my go-to thoughts are about removing barriers for CBOs to access and be affirmed as partners in learning and achieving school-wide / district-wide goals:- Partner BPS website update and investment in staff and time to maintain it and act as a liaison to families, school leaders, and partners- Synch. or Asynchronous PD opportunities that OST partners at certain schools can access (no need for BPS email address)- Encouragement and support for OST partners to also lead professional learning for school-based folks, particularly paras, cafe staff, and teachers too
Wes Enicks
Totally agree with Mike. There is an opportunity to address all of your questions through an investment in supporting partner collaboration.
Mike Wasserman
Agreed that this is an important question. And I wonder about BPS going to the private funding community to raise some pool of ongoing funding for best practices that come out of this 3 years. It feels that there have been funders waiting for a very structured, purposeful charge for a philanthropic/BPS vision that is impactful, community and student driven, and sustaining.
Andy Crossley, Boston Scores
Thank you Chris and Margaret!
Chris Smith | Boston Beyond
On sustainability of a federal investment in partners...From a student perspective, an investment in evidence-based after-school and summer programs will serve recovery needs in the short term and pay dividends over multiple years for students. The research is clear on that.When it comes to funding for nonprofit partners, the more integrated they are in BPS contracts, the more they can leverage additional private funds.
John Anderson he/him/his, Director of Education & Vol. Prgs
Thank you everone - I'm sorry that I need to hop off to get to another meeting. I'm wondering about whether we might leverage low-cost efforts related to ESSER funding to bring together multiple stakeholder organizations in small groups. If we engage school leaders, out-of-school time program leaders, parents and also business leaders, could we leverage existing resources (not only money) but assets such as unique experiences (sailing, laboratory experiments, connections with zoo animals, connection with unique art and music, sports, etc). Can we use three years to build the idea of Boston as a learning community for all students, with collaboration across sectors?
George (Chip) Greenidge
This is a great opportunity - what kind support can we also give to parents as well as studentsin thi sprocess?
Mia Branco (she/her) - Open Door Arts
Ok, thank you! That was a helpful clarification
Monica Roberts
@Mike, the Commission has talked about a strategic ask to continue some of the high impact investments that requires a few more years of funding or to help expand initiatives. We will likely do this in partnership with the Boston Education Development Fund, which will provide more support around a philanthropic strategy.
Mike Wasserman
Thanks Monica - that's great!
Ben Hires (he/him)
We have a pilot supporting immigrant parents in partnership with BPS teachers that we are excited to expand. Looking to understand how we can move that forward.
George (Chip) Greenidge
Thanks Monica!
George (Chip) Greenidge
Toni - intense tutoring could work!
George (Chip) Greenidge
That's a great idea!
Ben Hires (he/him)
thank you!
Harry Gilliam
Thank you. Have a great day all.
Jonna Casey
Thank you everyone!
Mia Branco (she/her) - Open Door Arts
Thank you!
Anne Hager, Boston Scores
Thank you!